Man In A Bubble

Wayne Coyne in a bubble. Over-simplified solution? I don't think so.

What I wouldn’t give to have one of those marvelous bubbles right now. Actually, I need it about a week ago. Wayne, does that thing support time travel as well?

It wouldn’t be completely unfamiliar territory to me, strange as it may sound. I WAS the boy in the bubble. I spent a couple of weeks in the hospital when I was only two, sequestered in an oxygen tent after being diagnosed with asthma. It’s a condition that I still suffer from, though it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. It does make me more susceptible to head colds, and unless I beat them early, they are more likely to turn into some form of bronchitis, and at the very least, a bad chest cold. In pretty much every other way, I’m a very healthy human being with great habits, so this particular brand of green kryptonite is but a sad and annoying inconvenience.

Like now, when I’ve been sick for almost a week.  Nothing serious, just a boring head cold that I finally caught from my wife, who had caught it from my daughter, who has since caught it AGAIN from me. It almost hit my lungs, but I think I beat it back. Sometimes I would prefer a straight fight with these space alien viruses than all of this invisible crap. Show yourselves, you stupid little monsters! You’re ruining my recording plans!

One of the strangest things to me about sickness is the time border that surround it. You always know when you get sick. The day before you were fine, and now you’re not. The end of sickness is usually not that clear. Like now—I feel great today, but I still sound a little sick. So regardless of how ready I am to record vocals, it’s still a complete waste of time. I find that fuzziness really depressing, it just makes it impossible to know when it’s officially going to be over so you can make plans.

I try to stay ahead of sickness as much as possible—I take my vitamins, exercise, eat healthy foods, and even get my flu shots. But there’s no avoiding the rare-to-occasional recycling of sickness that happens in my home. At least none of us have to go to the office and catch whatever bug is going around from co-workers that decided they would rather use their sick days for vacation. And our daughter doesn’t go to daycare, so that’s another natural barrier. (In fact, this was only her second illness in almost 15 months.)  But when sickness does come, this new parenthood thing has opened up a whole new challenge. Nothing stops so that you can take time to recover. NOTHING. EVER. So you just muddle through and do the best you can. In the meantime, I go to the microphone every day and wait to hear my normal voice.

I love our own little three-person bubble. And I would never really want to have a bubble without them in it. Except when they’re sick and I have recording to do. Then I wish I had Wayne Coyne on speed dial and a house with tube-shaped hallways.


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