Back In The Saddle Again.

When my daughter was born, I purposely decided to take a little time off from live performance. Personally, I’ve always found that performing demanded a certain steady and consistent effort from me, and I just had this sneaking suspicion that I was going to be a little busy with things that may interfere with words such as “steady” and “consistent.”

So when my good friend Alfred Brown wrote me a couple of weeks ago and invited me to play at West Side Stories today, I said, “Sure.” And then I panicked. Sure, I’ve been recording and writing and playing and singing regularly. But my old fears and attitudes started to show their ugly selves right away. My mind immediately locked on to a bit that David Cross likes to do frequently: “There’s got to be a better way!”

Now while I wasn’t wrong in the slightest about busyness, I have been “steadily” and “consistently” surprised by just how much I can get done now in very little time and with less effort. Maybe it’s that I’m a little older, a little more confident, a little better at everything that I do. But in all honesty, being a dad has in many ways been responsible for some rather herculean transformations. Just having to spend most of a year doing things with one hand free and a baby in the other gives you certain superpowers. But the focus a child gives you is more than slightly terrifying in its simplicity. And it is very helpful.

It took me one practice session to realize that this was going to be fun. Really fun. I let go of all of my concerns, trusted myself, and just played and sang for the pure joy of it. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I find myself truly letting go and letting my entire life do the work for me. I’ve been doing all of this for so long—I guess it’s just time to accept the fact that I deserve to do it.

So come out today if you get a chance! Details are below. I’ll be the one on the small stage having a blast.

DAVID CLOYD :: Live Acoustic Performance
West Side Stories Grand Opening Celebration
Friday, July 29 @ 6-8pm

West Side Stories​stsidestories
205 Grant Street b/w Lafayette and Auburn
Buffalo, NY

w/ Alfred Brown

For more information, visit


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