More And More Analog.

I simply CANNOT pull this off. It's one at a time for me.

It’s been pretty quiet around our house for the last twenty months. Relatively speaking, of course. I play music and sing almost every day, and I always keep a guitar in the front room, to pick up whenever the desire strikes me. But since my daughter showed up, I have shifted from electric guitar to acoustic. Obviously, the driving force behind the shift is just the volume. There’s a very simple reason why Fender doesn’t have much income thanks to the lullaby market.

The shift has felt quite dramatic, mainly because I had really devoted myself to electric guitar almost the entire year before that. I also finally have my own piano (hooray!), but of course I also can’t play that after she goes to bed. So I’ve even been forced to work out my piano songs on acoustic guitar at night.

Thank the maker for forced limitations.

I am now in the middle of an unbridled love affair with acoustic guitar. (My wife knows about it, and roundly approves. She is a very understanding woman.) At times, I feel as if you would have to pull it out of my hands with a tow truck. Every time I pick it up, I find something new. And it’s just so EASY to deal with. No cords, no plugs, no pedals, no levels. No worries. It’s pure simplicity.

This period of my life is also forcing me to write differently, and my current relationship with my acoustic guitar is facilitating that change as well. The new songs are absolutely different, but really I just feel that they are more me. They have to be stronger from their beginning, because I have to buy it when it’s basic. The other marvelous thing is that this setting allows for elaboration from the beginning. I can hear all kinds of different instruments and arrangements for these songs. They aren’t married to this setting, but they are strong here. And that tells me they have the ability to be strong wherever I take them.

Mostly, though, it’s nice to know that when I am leaving the house to play a set, I will always have one hand free to open doors with.


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