I couldn’t add more weight or significance to the title of this blog if I wanted to.

This hyper-magical substance has been hogging my spotlight for some months now, as far back as March 12 when I entered this title, saved a draft post, and walked away. I have been sequestered behind the scenes since then, working like an overgrown Christmas elf, trying to get ready for the next act in time. I actually feel more like a live serial scriptwriter, sitting in the wings watching the drama play out while I churn out pages determining what happens next. Well, all work and no play makes David a sad boy, so I am stepping out onto the stage this weekend!

Sunday, June 10 at 6:30pm, I will be hosting a very special concert at Spot Coffee on Elmwood in Buffalo. This concert celebrates the release of Caroline Fenn’s debut album, Fragile Chances, an extraordinary collection of disarmingly fresh and captivating songs. It’s my fourth album as a producer, and I couldn’t be more proud of all of our hard work, including the profound mixing and mastering of Blake Morgan and the amazing artwork of David Stith.

It also celebrates the launch of Hook & Ladder Records, my new record label. This imprint will act as the home of my future production side-projects, and will be distributed worldwide by my parent label in NYC. Even though the official worldwide release isn’t until July 31, the album will be available this Sunday at the concert!
Facebook Event for Sunday’s Concert

So come out Sunday, listen to some music, have some caffeine and celebrate with me.

Moving on to the next thing . . . I start recording my next album this month.



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