Wrestle or Dance.

Deborah Harry and Andy Kaufman Wrestling

This one’s short and sweet.

I’ve had a couple of epiphanies the last week or so. They’re both really simple, and they really aren’t new ideas to me. But these epiphanies are less about thought and more about action. And surprisingly, “action” is where all the action is, so I’m just going to roll with it.

The first epiphany is this:

Life might be a constant struggle, but at any moment, I can choose to wrestle or I can choose to dance.

To guide instead of control . . . to work with something instead of against it . . . think about how nice it is to trade “losing” for “rehearsing,” “fighting” for “performing.” As Andy Kaufman said, “There’s no drama like wrestling.” There’s also no wrestling like drama.

The second epiphany is this:

People are their dreams.

There is no separation between the two. We are all wrestling and dancing our way through this mess, just trying to realize our dreams. And there are a lot of dreams going on. Right now, I just cracked open a Belgian white beer. That was a little dream I just had, and while I certainly have others that take a little more effort than walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge, it’s part of a story that’s constantly being churned out in my little brain.

Just in my interactions with other people, I’ve started to ask myself . . . what are they dreaming about? What is it that they want to do? And is there anything I can do in this moment to help them make it real? It’s a fundamental shift away from constantly trying to figure out how to achieve your own dreams, looking at people as either tools or obstacles.

The people that are awake, the ones that have even the tiniest glimmer of enlightenment, they act like mirrors in the world. So if you approach the world with understanding and a willingness to help, you will see the world reflect that understanding and willingness back at you.