Me, Myself, and the World.


I used to approach life in a very negative way…


Not surprisingly, I no longer find that perspective very interesting, much less productive. Sure, it’s full of exciting drama and on-fire theatrics. It’s just devoid of reality. However you slice it, “me against the world” becomes “the world against me.” And let me tell you, the world wins that fight every time.

Somewhere in the last 5 to 10 years, I very subtly and subconsciously shifted that perspective from “me against the world” to something less outwardly hostile…


Somewhere in the chaos of life, it became apparent to me that I was the reason that certain things weren’t happening the way I wanted, and that the world was quite indifferent to my specific plight at any given moment.

At first glance, this shift may appear to be a positive one. It made me accountable for my life, my fate and destiny my own responsibility. But I’m telling you right now, that’s only how it looks, and my subconscious knew it all along.

What was it really? An excuse generator. A blame generator. A wall so high and so deep that no one could ever climb it. Even if I was the only real target of this perception, it was unhealthy purely because it HAD a target at all. It didn’t matter that the target was me: it gave me license to say that everyone should be their own target of blame and excuses, which meant that I was free to blame them as well.

So really, all it did was expand my perspective to…

ME AGAINST MYSELF, EVERYONE ELSE (who are also against themselves) AND THE WORLD (because clearly the world allows this state of affairs to exist).

So what about now? What’s changed? I’ve given up on “perception” and traded it in for something much more valuable.


Ground reality is simple. It doesn’t require an algorithm or a program. It doesn’t even require a philosophy. It just requires me to take action. And the results of my actions are always best when I move in the simplest direction.


And it’s so much nicer to not waste all of this precious time.